2019 GSC Quality of Life Survey Report

The links below provide the results of the 2019 Graduate Student Council (GSC) Quality of Life Survey.

The survey was developed by the GSC with assistance from the Office of Institutional Research and Graduate Studies Office. The survey was administered in May 2019. The response rate was 54.6%, corresponding to 655 responses out of the 1,199 graduate students enrolled at Caltech during the Spring 2019 term who were surveyed.

PDF of survey results from the Office of Institutional Research

Spreadsheet of general data broken down by division

Spreadsheet of aggregate housing data

Spreadsheet of data for individuals with dependents

GSC report with summary of main findings

The GSC report highlights and provides suggestions the following issues:

  • Lack of diversity in the graduate student population.
  • Legal and financial burdens unique to international students.
  • Unique needs of graduate students supporting dependents.
  • Poor working relationships between advisers and graduate students, with a significant gender disparity.
  • General financial burdens experienced by graduate students, with an emphasis on housing costs and availability.