Social Committee

Social Committee

Chair: Ina Soerensen (

Meetings: Meetings are held monthly (see the GSC calendar or contact the chair). Our meetings are open to all members of the Caltech graduate student population.

The goal of the GSC Social Committee is to aid in improving graduate students’ work-life balance at Caltech through a number of on- and off-campus social events that appeal to graduate students of all backgrounds. This goal is realized by the work of committee members who lead or assist with both regular and special campus-wide events such as, but not limited to:

  • Graduate Student Underground Social Hour (GUSH), which is held monthly
  • Community nights
  • Club nights each term
  • An on-campus Fourth of July celebration
  • An off-campus Spring Formal
  • Gradiators and other social events during new student orientation

In addition, the GSC Athletics committee regularly works with GSC Social. GSC Social aids GSC Athletics in organizing season-long intramural athletics leagues and occasional weekend tournaments such as for tennis, kickball, and inner tube water polo. GSC Athletics also works hand-in-hand with GSC Advocacy committee to ensure that graduate students have a voice in decisions about Caltech’s athletics facilities.

GSC Social Committee includes many members of the Caltech community who are not members of the GSC Board of Directors. We encourage newcomers at all points of the year, even those who are interested in taking the lead on one specific event (such as one of the two 2019 GSC Formal Chairs). Involvement with the Social Committee is a fantastic mechanism for making new friends in other departments and an excellent way to flex or acquire event planning skills useful for both academic and non-academic careers. You are welcome to email the Chair at eyan@ to be added to our mailing list.

If you have specific feedback about a past event or any ideas for future events, please fill out this form. We particularly encourage suggestions for unusual one-time events, social events that promote diversity and inclusion, and family-friendly events.

Athletics Committee
The Athletics advocates serve as the graduate student representatives on the Faculty Committee on athletics. We voice graduate student concerns regarding the direction and use of the athletic facilities. We work with the athletics department to ensure that student recreational opportunities, such as sports clubs and other activities, are well organized and supported.