Communications Commitee

Chair:  Matt Ratanapanichkich (

The communications committee ensures that the voice of the GSC is heard on campus, and manages the GSC website, GSC forumGSC Facebook page, gCALtech and the Caltech Marketplace mailing list. If you need help making a poster or flyer to advertise your event, just reach out. We welcome you to join the GSC network on Facebook and post your pictures from GSC events.

Science Policy Committee

The GSC science policy committee operates under the GSC communications committee, exploring avenues for Caltech graduate students to engage with policy makers, primarily through events. Examples of  previous events include:

  • Workshops oriented around the development of communication skills relevant to science policy.
  • Carrier exploration in science policy and in science that involve interacting with policymakers.
  • Meetings between students and local policy makers where students have the opportunity to introduce their research.

The science policy committee is always looking for interested students to help organize events and propose new ones. If you are interested, reach out!