GSC Candidate Info (2021)

**information about each of the division representative candidates can be found here** (you must sign in to Google using your Caltech credentials)

Elected graduate student division representatives are the core of the Graduate Student Council (GSC), as they guide the organization toward improving the graduate student experience for all graduate students at Caltech. These representatives (officially called “directors”) become members of the GSC’s Board of Directors (BoD, the voting body of the GSC) and are additionally involved with various committees and subcommittees within the GSC.

Each division has a maximum number of elected representatives with voting responsibilities within the GSC, proportional to the number of graduate students in that division. In rare cases where there are more candidates than available spots, elected candidates become “directors” and all other candidates can become “associate directors” who fulfill the same responsibilities, but act in a non-voting capacity.

The basic responsibilities of all directors include:

  1. Attendance at monthly meetings of the Board of Directors (e.g. discussion of current issues, occasional votes on the GSC’s formal position, votes on club/event funding). Between meetings, representatives are expected to stay up-to-date on those issues through the GSC’s Slack workspace.
  2. Serve on at least one of the four primary committees (or their subcommittees): academics, advocacy, social, or strategic communications (more information on these committees can be found here) – this is where most of the GSC’s work happens.
  3. Serve as an advocate for and representative of graduate students within their division, possibly interfacing with division-specific representative bodies.

For more details, you can review the bylaws and statutes of the GSC.

If you are interested in becoming a division representative, please send the following candidate information along with nomination “signatures” (see below) to by 6pm on Friday, June 4th:





Committees/subcommittees of interest:

In a few sentences, what is your motivation to work in the GSC?

Please copy (CC) at least two graduate students from your division when you submit your candidate information. These will serve as your signatures of support for your candidacy (as required by the GSC’s bylaws).

A virtual election will take place during the week of June 7–13, where all graduate students will have the opportunity to vote for candidates in their division. There will also be a town-hall-style virtual meeting where each candidate can introduce themselves and attendees can ask questions. We have tentatively scheduled this for Monday, June 6 at noon.

Executive positions on the Board of Directors (co-chairs, treasurer, secretary, and committee chairs) will be voted on by the 2021–2022 Board of Directors.