Steering Committee

Chair: Alicia Lanz
Members: Allison Strom (Vice Chair), Dan Johnson (Treasurer), Annet Blom (Secretary), Nancy Thomas (Academics Chair), Gina Duggan (Advocacy Chair), Konrad Pilch (Social Chair), Matt Orr (Publications Chair)

The Steering Committee creates and implements the vision of the GSC. Steering runs BoD meetings, sets the agenda, compiles and uploads minutes, creates the budget, and communicates the GSC’s views through publications.


Top row: Annet, Matt, Allison, Dan; Bottom row: Nancy, Gina, Alicia

Budget Subcommittee

Chair: Dan Johnson

The Budget sub-committee is responsible for raising and spending GSC money, evaluating club funding proposals, and maintaining financial records.

Officer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Chair – Runs meetings of the BoD and the Steering committee. Is the official representative of the GSC to other bodies, such as the Caltech administration. Communicates with the student body through email updates.
  • Vice-Chair – Assists and performs the duties of the Chair when the Chair is not available.
  • Treasurer – Chief Financial Officer of the GSC. Chairs the Budget subcommittee, maintains records of disbursements, and advises the board on financial matters.
  • Secretary – Records the official minutes of board meetings and helps the Chair prepare the agenda. Sends email reminders to the board before important meetings and reserves the venue for GSC use.
  • Advocacy Chair – Runs meetings of the Advocacy committee, assigning point-persons for the committee’s standing agenda items: Healthcare, Housing, Stipends, and Diversity
  • Academics Chair – Runs meetings of the Academics committee, working with point-persons for the committee’s traditional events, such as Everhart Lecture Series and Teaching and Mentoring Awards, as well as certain Institute committees, such as the Library Committee.
  • Social Chair – Runs meetings of the Social committee, coordinating the year’s social events such as GUSH, term parties, and Gradiators.
  • Publications Chair – Communicates the GSC’s views through publications. Specifically it is responsible for appointing a Grad News Editor, a Technique Editor, a webmaster, and a Display Czar.
  • Diversity Officer – Promotes discussion of diversity related programming. Has veto power over spending on diversity line items under Social and Advocacy committees.
  • Sustainability Advocate – The most recently created Steering-level position. Works with committees to run GSC events in the most sustainable manner and helps promote sustainability-related events around campus.