GSC Elections for 2016-17

The Graduate Student Council works to improve the quality of life for the graduate student community at Caltech. If you have opinions about how to make that happen and would like access to the resources and connections to direct policy shifts and shape programming specifically for graduate students, consider running for a seat on the GSC Board of Directors. Anyone can join the Board of Directors, and no prior GSC experience is required to run for a position on the BoD. The time commitment depends on how much time you’ve got–from 2 hours a month to 10 hours a week!  The responsibilities of any director are the same:
-Attend monthly meetings of the Board of Directors
-Serve on at least one of four primary committees: social, academic, advocacy, or publications
-Serve as an advocate for and representative of students, especially those within your option

There are two types of directors: Option Representatives and Directors at Large. Option representatives represent their option or group of options, with spots allocated based on the size of each option (see the table below). Directors at large represent the entire graduate student community. To be on the Board of Directors as an Option Rep or Director-at-Large, you only need to submit a nomination form (attached) by Monday, May 16th. A vote will only be required if there are more nominees than openings for each option, or if an election is requested by five or more members of an option. Nominees must attend an Election Meeting on Friday, May 27th at 12:00 PM in Beckman Behavioral Biology B180. In the first part of this meeting, we determine who will represent each option as a Director as well as establish additional Directors-at-Large.

Following the BoD elections, the newly elected board will elect leadership positions.  The following positions are up for election:
Chair – serves as president of the Graduate Student Council
Vice Chair – directs internal affairs for the Board of Directors
Secretary – takes minutes at all meetings and organizes the GSC calendar
Treasurer – manages GSC finances and cuts all reimbursement checks
Advocacy Chair – directs GSC policy initiatives and non-academic programming
Academics Chair – directs all academic related programming and advocacy work
Social Chair – oversees all GSC social programming from Term Parties to Club Nights and more
Publications Chair – oversees GSC publicity and supervises maintenance of websites and social media
More officer positions will be appointed by the new Chair in June, including Diversity Officer, Sustainability Chair, Athletics Chair, and more. See our statutes for more information.

If you’d like to talk to current BoD members about the position, we will have a GSC Ice Cream Social Friday, May 6th, from 3-5 PM at the Olive Courtyard (Braun Patio). Jason Pollack (jpollack at is also available by email to answer any questions!

Option No. of Reps
Aeronautics + Aerospace 1
Applied & Computational Math 1
Applied Physics 2
Astrophysics 1
Biochemistry & Molecular Bioph 1
Bioengineering 1
Biology 2
Chemical Engineering 2
Chemistry 4
Civil Engineering + Applied Mechanics 1
Computation and Neural Systems 1
Computer Science & Computing & Math Sciences 1
Control & Dynamical Systems 1
Electrical Engineering 2
Environmental Science & Engine 1
Geochemistry + Geobiology 1
Geology 1
Geophysics 1
Materials Science 2
Mathematics 1
Mechanical Engineering 1
Medical Engineering 1
Neurobiology 1
Physics 3
Planetary Science 1
Social Science + Behavioral and Social Neuroscience 1
Space Engineering 1


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