To support your event we ask that it is open to the entire grad student community, advertised appropriately, and in compliance with Caltech policies. All GSC funding is reimbursement based. Please return your receipts with the completed Reimbursement Request Form (and Office of Student Activities and Programs Club Payment Request form for club funding) in an envelope to the GSC office (Room 206 Winnett Student Center) or GSC Treasurer, MC 206-51. We cannot honor reimbursement requests submitted later than 30 days after the event.

Club Funding

GSC club funding supports budgeted operational expenses of standing Caltech clubs. The Club funding application for the 2016-17 academic year is September 1st, 2016. Clubs must submit a proposal and financial statement according to our proposal guidelines via the form at this link. Clubs requesting funding must be officially recognized by the GSC or be planning to submit an application to become an official club by the end of 2016 (for new clubs).

Please see the below presentations from the recent GSC workshop on club formation and club funding for more guidance on how to become a club and how to receive GSC Club Funding.






If you have an idea for an on-campus event open to all graduate students, we can help make it happen with up to $300. Anyone can apply: individual students, groups of friends, sports teams, and clubs. Read the guidelines and submit a proposal.

Event Funding

Events can also be funded at the monthly GSC meeting. To apply for event funding:
1) Email the GSC Chair and GSC Treasurer a proposal (1 page maximum) at least 3 business days prior to a GSC BoD monthly meeting including the amount requested, club funding received (if any), and club funding spent so far (if any).
2) Give a presentation (5 minutes maximum) to the GSC BoD about the event and answer Directors’ questions.

Additionally, if your event includes Caltech undergraduates, you can request ASCIT for event funding by filling out the application ( and sending it to at least two weeks prior to the event.

Equipment Funding

The GSC has a small amount of funds available to support capital expenses in the purchase of equipment for clubs. Please follow the guidelines for event funding applications to apply for equipment funding.