About the GSC

The Graduate Student Council (GSC), incorporated on April 19, 1985, is the student government for Caltech graduate students, and it is our mission to “work to maximize the quality of life for the graduate student community at Caltech.” All enrolled Caltech graduate students are members of the Caltech GSC. The GSC interacts with the institute’s administrative bodies to put forward the interests of the graduate student body.

The GSC’s leadership is composed of a Board of Directors (BoD), nominated by the student body; elections are held if the number of nominees exceeds the number of positions allotted for each option. The BoD consists of option representatives, who are elected to represent their specified option and directors at large, who are elected to represent the graduate student body as a whole. Directors can be elected into Officer positions, as described below. Members of the BoD are required to take an active role in one or more of the four branches of the GSC: Academics, Advocacy, Publications and Social. These branches, as well as the overall direction of the BoD, are overseen by the Steering Committee.



Creates and implements the vision of the GSC. Steering runs BoD meetings, sets the agenda, compiles and uploads minutes, creates the budget, and communicates the GSC’s views through publications. Steering consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Director, Treasurer, Secretary, and Committee Chairs.


Ensures that the voice of the GSC is heard on campus. In order for this need to be met, the committee manages the graduate student calendar so that students are aware of the many events on campus as well as oversees the Meander newspaper. Additionally, the Publications Committee oversees the content on the GSC website.


Helps foster an environment in which graduate students can learn to become leaders in their academic fields. The Academics Committee oversees several events including: the Everhart Lecture Series, the GSC teaching/mentoring awards, lab reviews, and the T